The Ketogenic Diet at A Glance


If you’ve been scouring the internet trying to find the right diet for you, it can be a bit overwhelming keeping them all organized in your head. This quick look at the Ketogenic Diet will help you keep track of the perks and downfalls of Keto.

Better than low-fat diets at weight loss
Let’s you eat high-fat foods (like bacon!)
Can have a variety of physical and neurological health benefits

Giving up carbs can be extremely difficult for some
Grueling adjustment period
Eating out can be problematic
Could be tough for athletes who may require higher energy levels Health Impacts

• Keto-flu (which has been compared to drug withdrawal) can be quite uncomfortable
• Cholesterol has been shown to spike in some studies while others show a drop further down the line
• Has been proven to reduce the frequency of specific neural dysfunctions in children such as seizures on the same level as medications in some instances
• Critics claim Keto can actually end up damaging
the heart, liver, and/or kidneys



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