The Paleo Diet at A Glance


There are thousands of diets out there today. And if you’re like everyone else, it can be
tricky and at times overwhelming trying to figure out which is which. The table below
points out the most vital info to remember about Paleo to make finding the right diet for
you just a little easier.

A cleaner diet w/ fewer preservatives
Higher satiety (feeling full)
Proven weight loss in some cases

Tough to stick to
Can be quite expensive
May not provide essential nutrients
Not ideal for athletes/with exercise


Health Impacts
• Some studies have shown Paleo may be helpful in reducing bad cholesterol and triglycerides found in the blood

• Barring entire food groups like grains and dairies eliminates health benefits of these types of foods which may include
better cardiovascular health

• A higher meat intake has been proven to lead to certain types of cancer and disease

• Can significantly reduce the risk of developing certain conditions, mostly involving obesity


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