Variations of The Raw Food Diet

While the Raw Food Diet may sound simple in principle, there are actually several different variations.
Most of these variations come from a combination with other dietary guidelines. The three major types are the Vegan Raw Food Diet, the Vegetarian Raw Food Diet, and the Omnivore Raw Food Diet.
• The Vegan Raw Food Diet – This Raw Food Diet variant incorporates elements of veganism into its guidelines. Veganism outlaws eating any animal products of any kind. That means butter, milk, eggs, and dairy products are off limits in addition to (of course) any type of meat – including fish. And combined with the Raw Food Diet, only raw versions of vegan meals are allowed to be consumed.
•The Vegetarian Raw Food Diet – For Vegetarian Raw Food Diet followers, any sort of meat is out of the question. That means no fish or raw meat of any kind. For Lacto-Ovo vegetarians, meat is off the menu still, but dairy products and eggs are fair game. For Ovo-vegetarians, dairy is outlawed too, but eggs are okay to eat.
•The Omnivore Raw Food Diet – And finally, this version of the Raw Food Diet allows any plant- or animal-based products as long as they adhere to the central tenets of the program (i.e., not being processed and not heated to over 104°F). This version opens up the menu to sushi, certain types of steak tartare, and other raw meat dishes. Make sure to check beforehand if the meat was cooked slightly before freezing though as that would violate the Raw Food Diet.


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