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Kyle Cooper has spent the majority of his adult life serving his country in the Marine Corps.  With his dedication, determination and grit, he rose quickly through the enlisted ranks to become a Gunnery Sergeant.  Not just any Gunny, either, Kyle was in charge of a Force Recon unit.  A special section of the marines that operate as Special Forces. 
One of Kyle’s biggest responsibilities was to keep his men trained and in top physical condition.  For more than a decade, he worked with marines on both combat effectiveness and physical readiness.  It’s no exaggeration to say that when it comes to fitness, Kyle was already an expert.
“Keeping my guys ready for action wasn’t just a job for me,” Kyle says, “It was a personal mission.  You’ve got to be at peak performance in order to survive some of the high risk missions we run.  I’ve always felt it was my personal mission to make sure my guys had every chance to both succeed and to survive.”
The Fat Decimator System

When Kyle was shipped to Afghanistan a few years back, he ran into a bit of a snag.  In addition to his marines, he was also tasked with training a group of National Guardsmen and women that had been called up from his home state of Missouri.  On the surface of things, this wouldn’t be a problem for Kyle, except he ran into an unexpected problem.

While his marines were young and had always been fit, some of the Guardsmen were older than your average soldier and weren’t in the best shape.  These were essentially weekend warriors – literally.  These men and even women in their 30’s and 40’s were civilians 28 days a month – accountants, engineers, insurance brokers and so on.  Yet one weekend a month they’d train and practice at national defense.
The problem that Kyle noticed right away was that many of these folks, while definitely gung ho, were not in the best of physical condition
This really came to a head when Kyle and a group of marines and guardsmen were tasked at intercepting a group of terrorists in a remote mountain cave rumored to be escorting none other than Osama Bin Laden himself.
The intelligence was inaccurate, though, and when Kyle and a few of his men entered a small rear section of a cave, they were caught in a bomb blast.  Kyle and another young marine survived, but one of his men, a National Guardsmen that had been assigned to him was killed.
Kyle blamed himself because he knew that the man’s poor physical condition had made him too slow to evade the destructive blast.  It seemed that no matter what he did, these Guardsmen weren’t getting in any better shape.  This was strange to Kyle, who knew pretty much everything about fitness, or so he thought.
The Fat Decimator System
“I guess the problem was that my marines were already in good shape and it was just a matter of maintenance,” Kyle said, “but when confronted with people who were bordering on obese, the stuff I’d believed all my life about fitness and dieting just fell flat.  I felt like a failure after Sergeant Olsen was killed.”
Then Kyle met a young Korean medical student named Sam Pak and his whole world changed.  Sam introduced Kyle to some revolutionary scientific evidence that led the two men to create a new weight loss system that Kyle later called The Fat Decimator.  Pak’s information was based on well-known and ancient Asian knowledge backed by recent clinical study.
It turned Kyle’s world on its ear, because Sam explained that much of the common fitness premises held dear in the western world were actually not only ineffective but potentially harmful.  Sam showed Kyle a whole new approach that proved incredibly effective with his men and women.
The program was so amazing that when Kyle got back to the states, his life’s mission was revealed to him when he met and helped a middle aged woman completely turn her life around.  Sharon Monroe went from being forty pounds overweight and literally teetering on the edge of a life-ending heart condition to slimmer, healthier and far happier mom once again.
“Sharon’s story is one you should hear,” Kyle says, “It’s very compelling and nearly heart breaking except for the light at the end of the tunnel that I brought to her.  Not through any effort of mine, mind you.  I truly believe God put Sharon and I on an intersecting course for her, for me and for the thousands of other people Sam and my system has helped.”
The Fat Decimator System
Today, retired from the Marines, Kyle works with people from all over the world who come to his weight loss boot camp.  He’s also spread the word of the system that now Doctor Sam Pak inspired and it’s so easy and effective that people anywhere on the planet can drop 20, 30 or even 40+ pounds of unwanted and dangerous fat in a matter of weeks.  The Fat Decimator System has been proven by science and tested by tens of thousands of people and has changed so many lives that Kyle deeply believes that this is his destiny.
“Fat Decimator is incredible,” Kyle says, “It’s easier than you might think and as long as you follow the system, it works every time.  Finally, people have a proven way to lose unhealthy weight, feel great about themselves and take back their future without having to figure out what’s true and what’s hype.  I’m eternally grateful for God putting Sam Pak and Sharon Monroe in my path.”

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